Background on Who I Am and Why I’m Running for Office

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I operate my own private practice in Concord, Northern California. I turned my lifelong joy of helping others into my profession, and I have worked in the mental health field for more than three decades now. There is a saying that if you find joy in your work you will never work a day in your life, and I have found that to be true.

I am also an immigrant, I came to this country from my native country of India over a quarter century ago and embarked on what we call the American Dream. After many years of sacrifice and hard work, I am now privileged to operate a network of well-recognized assisted living facilities across Northern and Central California.

However, in my success I have never lost sight of what is truly important about my job, and I take ensuring the well-being and happiness of those I am trusted in caring for very seriously. In addition, I still make time to offer free services to the most vulnerable in our community, such as veterans with PTSD, substance abusers, the homeless, elderly and survivors of domestic violence.

I am very proud to live in a place like the Bay Area that is home to such a great representation of the so-called “Great American Melting Pot”. About 14 years ago, I created the annual Spring Festival in collaboration with Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County in Concord, to build bridges and create harmony among different faith groups. I also served on the Contra Costa Interfaith Council Executive Board for many years. Our communities benefit immensely any time that we can find a way to discover the unity in our diversity. It is very true now due to a administration change in Washington DC bringing clouds of anxiety and fear in our communities.

I have had several opportunities to serve my community that I am proud of. I have served as a member of an oversight committee (Measure Q) for Concord’s use of revenues generated by a half cent sales tax increase that city voters approved several years ago. Our elected officials must never forget that taxes are generated by the people that put them in office.

I chose to run for state government because for many years now I have been disheartened by what I have observed from today’s political machine. It is a blessing that the Bay Area is such as prosperous place, but many times we fail to take notice of those in our communities who don’t share that blessing, and unfortunately most of our elected officials don’t seem to either. It is evident from an increase in our mentally ill and homeless population in every city in our Golden State, unfortunately many of those are our veterans.

Affordable housing, deteriorated infrastructure, lack of effective transportation leading to jams and congestion on our local neighborhood street and state freeways. Even though we have been paying more and more in taxes with false promises to quality services.

I ask for your support for my governor race because I have seen the problems and wider holes in our social safety nets, and other shortcomings of our state government in my experience as a mental health professional, and I want to be a part of real solutions. I am reminded of a saying that one must “light a candle” rather than “curse the darkness”, and that is what I will do as a your governor.