I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. Below I share with you my vision for the state of California that we can be proud to call our home state and to leave our future generations with good education, with living wages and affordable housing options where nobody feel helpless as I have been seeing more “deaths of despair” in our local communities. I am dreaming of a state without any wage discrimination based on gender where;

  • K-12 to college education is free for anyone who wants it,
  • our CSU and UC universities are not serving private corporations or powerful individuals, rather they will serve society at large and create students who will provide solutions for survival of humanity and are able to reduce wars, poverty and focus on justice for all principles,
  • state is not known as a state with highest populations in prisons,
  • we spend more on educating our children and less on maintaining our prison industrial complexes, reducing recidivism and reforming our criminal justice system based on restorative justice principles,
  • we will find innovative solutions to our local crime infected areas with local participation rather than dictated by state or federal agencies,
  • every parent is assured of affordable and quality child care options,
  • our seniors have affordable options to get help and assistance in living a meaningful life,
  • everyone is able to get health care they need through a single-payer system,
    pharmaceutical companies are not working on a greed principles rather on humane principles,
  • Harnessing the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley to solve the complicated social, justice for all, reducing local and worldwide conflicts, working closed with local faith communities,
  • Focus on drought preventive measures with local storage capacities without threatening the ecosystem our delta with proposed tunnels,
  • doctors won’t have to leave California and are able to function and maintain their private practices in their local communities without the red tape of the state and dictates of insurance companies. Therefore, using my more than three decades of experience as a mental health professional, administrator and my previous experience in ensuring accountability in local government, I will put this plan into action. If there is anything you feel I have left out of this outline, please contact me here.”

What's Important for California

Concentrate High Density @ Trans hubs

I will push for incentives of promoting coordination  for infrastructure plans for Bart targeted areas and speed rail system and Bart systems.

Empower Neighborhoods with new Businesses

  • As elected Governor, I will fight to push for more businesses in the state which are socially responsible to local residents needs and they won’t feel the need to commute to larger cities for work.

  • I will push for better urbanization in affected areas within our cities that haven’t received the proper attention of the state urbanization planners.

Housing Affordability

  • I will push for better percentage of affordable housing especially for low income families whenever developers request for land in State.

  • As a mental health care provider, I will also push for better housing for people with mental and other physical disabilities. I will continue to advocate better housing for our seniors and veterans as a whole state policy.

Permit Policy Friendly to Businesses

  • Unnecessary fees to hurt businesses will have to be stopped.  We cann’t allow businesses to suffer for permit fees that require maintenance that should be done by cities and state.

  • I will work to stop the red tape in State to stop penalizing home owners with outrageous fees.

Continuation of Local Farmers' Friendly Policies

  • I will push to the continuation of our Farmers’ Market in making better and more efficient the permit requirements for these small businesses to continue to serve our local community.

  • The end of red tape for these businesses to grow is a must and I will advocate for that should I have the honor to be your elected governor.

Support Friendly Neighborhood Policing

  • I will push for police substations especially in ethnic minorities neighborhoods to provide culturally sensitive policing.

  • I believe in community police policies to reestablish trust in assisting our Californians.

Offering Substance Abusers a Better Life

  • The distribution and use of illegal drugs is something that is always harmful to our community. Drug abuse destroys lives, families, and neighborhoods. However, fighting drug use by locking up drug users does not solve the problem.
  • Drug addiction must be confronted for what it is, a medical and mental health problem that must be treated. Providing clinical resources to end one’s drug habit, and then following up with resources to help that person back on their feet with things such as job training and housing assistance is the only way to stop the vicious cycle of repeated, costly incarcerations and recidivism.

Support Park Events Throughout the Year

  • I forthrightly support park events as a means to foster a family friendly state policies. It’s vital surrounding communities feel safe to visit our state parls.