The Important Message from Last Night’s State of the Union

Last night our President, Barack Obama, give his last State of the Union address to the nation. Although he talked about many important policy points, such as a commitment to green energy and making sure that college costs are not a barrier to those entering the workforce and older Americans retraining for a different career alike, one of the most important things he talked about came at the very end.

Our president talked about how one of the regrets of his presidency is that he feels that our country has become more polarized and divided since he took office. He discussed how disagreements between different people and parties is something that is natural, and that no one is right or wrong. However, he also emphasised that we are all Americans, regardless of our background, and that we all have a duty to participate in civic life, and not just during election season.

I agree with our president, and I believe that regardless of our views, we all desire the same outcomes. We want to make our communities a better place, improve our schools, help those who are stuck in poverty, and offer greater opportunities to those who have turned to crime to support themselves and their families. Once we recognize that we all desire better neighborhoods, better cities, and a better state and nation, we can finally come together and find ways to bring real change that we can all stand behind.

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